The following steps describe the process for publishing the Dela Press conference series.

  1. Submit a quote request online or contact us directly at with conference details.
  2. The Dela Press team will review the details of your conference and write to confirm if we can offer a publishing contract.
  3. Once your conference proceedings have been accepted for publication, our team will offer you a publishing agreement. Once it is signed, you will be provided with a publication organizer packet that includes a manuscript template, copyright and conflict of interest form, volume editor's guide, manuscript preparation guide, etc. It is the responsibility of the conference organizer/volume editors to review the volume editor's manual carefully, as it contains a detailed breakdown of tasks to ensure a smooth publication process.
  4. Once signed, the conference and publication agreement with Dela Press can be announced on your event website and social media.
  5. Volume editors/organizers are responsible for guiding authors and ensuring that submitted manuscripts are formatted and prepared in accordance with the manuscript preparation guidelines. The editors/organizers of the volumes must inform the authors of Dela Press' open access and copyright license. Authors should submit a copyright form and conflict of interest disclaimer along with the manuscript to the volume editor. Authors must be informed that the manuscript will not be processed if these documents (the copyright and conflict of interest disclaimer form) are not submitted. The peer review of each proceeding is the responsibility of the conference editors/organizers. The quality and timeliness of the peer review process will be entirely the responsibility of the volume editors/organizers. The volume editor is also responsible for preparing supporting content, such as the preface and home page of the proceedings.
  6. We will process the PDFs in a format suitable for publication and upload them to our servers. Please note the following important points:
  • Once an article has been published online, changes will only be allowed in cases of serious scientific error. In these cases, the error or correction will be published according to standard professional scientific publication practices.
  • Requests for changes related to stylistic issues cannot be made to materials after publication, so it is important that authors and organizers ensure that articles are properly checked and proofread before submission.

After publication, we will write to the authors informing them of the publication and providing them with a link to their article.